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Every customer pays energy charges for their consumption which includes the investments made by the utility-scale energy providers. Essentially generating electricity from a remote power plant and transporting it through a highly engineered and complex transmission-distribution network which requires an extensive investments.

Every investment made by a business entity or an individual is based on a Return on Investment (RoI) with a decent Internal Rate of Return (IRR). So does any business entities like electricity provider or conventional fuel supplier or traditional power backup inverter and the list goes on.

Recent technological developments in renewable energy space have made more accessible to clean and less polluting energy with minimal investments and colossal support from State and Central Government as well. Nevertheless, now we see the world transition towards reducing carbon emissions from energy generation and transportation ecosystem based on fossil fuel to renewable energy resources like solar, wind and tidal.

We SmartSolar® Global since the year 2010 consistently believe the future of energy production to be on solar and battery storage systems. Our virtuous and admitting nature of business has provided us with satisfied and repeating customers in the State of Kerala and Karnataka.

History of Solar Panels - Then and Now !!

Electricity generated from solar panels using sunlight is being used from quite some time for many different applications. Years ago, it was costly to generate electricity using solar panels andits use was limited to provide power to satellites and other remote devices in this process of human evolution. Initially, solar panels used to be very up in the sky to provide us connectivity on phone or television but now we can have solar panels installed on anyone's potentially available rooftop space to provide electricity for that purpose.

Why Solar Panels on the Roof/Garden/Car Park of your Home?

Electricity is required in every sphere of life nowadays, be it for mobile phones, television, refrigerators, air conditioning, cooking, cleaning and now even driving. A world without electricity is unimaginable now, and we all thrive for it in every walk of life.

From the time electricity was invented, and now is the time when we can charge our phones etc. wirelessly. onsumption of electronic appliances has changed in terms of uses, design and efficiency, but the energy powering these types of equipments is being generated somewhere. Either it shall be a polluting coal power plant or sceptical nuclear power plant or a large stream of water giving its potential away to run a turbine somewhere in the mountains, they all are generating electricity. By switching to SmartSolar® you could increase your monetary savings and reduce the environmental risks and damages caused by conventional power plants.

Electricity provided by the grid to our homes are conventional now, and we pay bills per unit or kWh for what we consume. A private or a government utility company is doing this for you and earning a share of profit for the same. So why don’t we move #Smartly from the conventional grid and shift to SmartSolar® on a roof or garden or car park?

Solar energy is Profitable, How?

In a straightforward context, energy prices or tariffs do increase with time as they depend on gas and other fuel prices. Electricity prices which were charged a decade ago are now on the higher side, and this happens with most of the commodities available.

One-Time Investment for 25 years

Electricity prices connected to the grid will keep on rising with time, but installing a SmartSolar® system will provide you with an access to electricity on one-time investment for installing the solar panel for 25 years.

Also with subsidies available from the government and plans like net metering (where electricity can be supplied back to the grid if the solar plant generates excess electricity) make installing solar power plant a very profitable* choice.

*Our team of experts can run an initial feasibility study for your site and provide you with an expected financial savings for the next 25 years.

SmartSolar® helps reducing the Carbon Footprint

1 Unit

of Electricity from Coal-Fired power plant

1000 gms

of Carbon Dioxide emitted

50 gms

Considering all emissions from the entire project lifecycle, which includes emission during panel, inverter, cable etc. manufacturing, transportation, installation and maintenance for 25 years

SmartSolar® System

Using grid-powered electricity which is mostly powered from coal power plants or gas turbines and using fossil fuel-driven vehicles leaves with a negative impact on the environment with carbon footprint emissions.

Using electricity from renewable energy sources like solar, wind etc. reduces our carbon footprint similar to using an electric vehicle to commute or managing our waste properly.

So the reason to install a SmartSolar® system on your rooftop or garden space or a car park is to get a profitable deal for now and the future with an icon of change to fight against climate and protect our Earth for future generations.

Interested in making our future sustainable?

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Our Available Solar Solutions


SmartSolar® Homes products are Designed to provide reliable power to residences ranging from the most remote off-grid cabins to neighborhood residences.

Commercial & Industrial

SmartSolar® Solutions provide a complete range of solar energy solutions including turnkey solar installation, integrated financing, and solar consulting services.

Our Portfolio

We design solar system only after knowing the customer real requirement and bugdet. We belive in intimacy and thus would yield systems only through atmost benefits. We have been leading at the national level only because of our pure determination.

The SmartSolar® Difference

SmartSolar® is a Trusted EPC Provider from the Gods Own Country. We undertake works starting from 5kWp to MWp Scale. SmartSolar® provide unique Customer products to satisfy their energy needs and budget. Depending upon Customer's budget we design our system with the best quality product available in the market. We provide Off-Grid and On-Grid Products as per customer's requirement.

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