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Our Residential Solutions

SmartSolar products are designed to provide reliable power to residences ranging from the most remote off-grid cabins to neighborhood residences.

5 Years

Parts & Labor

We provide a massive 5 year warranty covering all products supplied and installed by all curses of mechanical and electrical systems. we assure you to cover all cost and services associated to replacement of any components.

5 Years


All inverters provided by smart solar come with a minimum guarantee of 25 years. We assure these inverters quality and no failure is our promise. In the case of any inverter failure in line , we warranty its replacement. Our inverter has been rated to be the best.

25 Years


All modules provided by SmartSolar® systems comes with a 10 yr hardware and 25 yr performance guarantee which warrants an 80% of rated capacity after 25 yrs as outlined manufacturer terms and condition.

Efficient and Maximum Durability

Our product’s legendary durability means you will have power in even the most challenging of environments. Our Grid-Interactive inverters give you the ability to sell power back to the utility while still providing the freedom to use your solar power in the event of a power outage.

Types of Systems Available for Residential Customers

On Grid or Net Metering System

Off-Grid or Battery Bank System

Hybrid SmartSolar® Systems

On Grid or Net Metering System

In this, the SmartSolar® system installed on your rooftop is connected to the grid. Any excess electricity generated from the #SmartSolar plant on your rooftop is injected back to the electricity grid.

In this case, the electricity supplied to the grid is sold to the electricity supplier. Either you get payment from the supplier for the electricity supplied or it is deducted in the electricity bill you receive. This system helps to pay off the solar investment sooner than expected.

The only problem with this system is the electricity security, i.e. when the grid network goes off; the solar system also shuts off as it works on the frequency of grid electricity.


On Grid or Net Metering System

Main Components of On-Grid Solar System

Off-Grid or Battery Bank System

This system is also called a stand-alone system or battery bank system. There is no use of the electricity grid in this solar system.

Solar panels generate DC electricity and charge the batteries or energy storage equipment. During the day or when the sun is available, solar panels generate electricity and transmit to the battery bank.

The battery is connected to an inverter which at the time of supply sends electricity to household equipment which runs on AC power.

It depends on the consumer if energy storage or batteries from the solar system can cater to all its electricity demand. As solar can only generate electricity during the day and large energy storage or battery banks are required to store a good amount of electricity.

For remote locations where there is no existing electricity grid facilities; stand-alone solar systems are recommended. It depends on the choice of the consumer and its electricity consumption requirements if they want to go completely off-grid or not.  


Off-Grid or Battery Bank System

Main Components of Off-Grid Solar System

Hybrid Solar Systems

This system is a combination of on-grid and off-grid system where electricity grid and batteries both are used with solar panels.

Solar panels generate electricity and charge batteries and supply electricity to connected load in the house. On the other hand, the grid is also available to add on to any electricity requirements, whether it is to supply electricity when required or take electricity from the system when in excess based on net metering.

The best part about a hybrid system is the energy security which neither on grid system nor off grid system can guarantee.

In this system, when the grid electricity fails, the battery bank provides electricity to the connected load. This is also termed as islanding in technical terms where solar panels cut –off from the grid when it fails and supply to the household connected load via battery bank.


Hybrid Solar Systems

Main Components of Hybrid Solar System

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Our Available Solar Solutions


SmartSolar® Homes products are Designed to provide reliable power to residences ranging from the most remote off-grid cabins to neighborhood residences.

Commercial & Industrial

SmartSolar® Solutions provide a complete range of solar energy solutions including turnkey solar installation, integrated financing, and solar consulting services.

The SmartSolar® Difference

SmartSolar® is a Trusted EPC Provider from the Gods Own Country. We undertake works starting from 5kWp to MWp Scale. SmartSolar® provide unique Customer products to satisfy their energy needs and budget. Depending upon Customer's budget we design our system with the best quality product available in the market. We provide Off-Grid and On-Grid Products as per customer's requirement.

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