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SmartSolar® Solutions provide a complete range of solar energy solutions including turnkey solar installation, integrated financing, and solar consulting services

Smart Service

Trust us, We are all in one provider that helps you to switch to clean solar energy. We promise you to be accountable throughout the life of your system . We are a team of experienced and smart service providers, that lead us to be the national industry leaders.

Custom Engineered

Our team of smart engineers will design your dream solar system based on your facilities and architecture your business projected electrical needs for next 20+ years. We would analyze and produce a full set of structural design that contains specification sheet for each system components and electrical blueprints.

Project Management

Our dedicated project manager will plan and proceed your dream to solar systems. He along with bunch of team members would design, install and inspect your system. Our team is your path, thus we assure to keep you apprised of project status every step of the way.


Our rigorous quality is the symbol of our smart designs, perfect permits, exceeding local buildings and safety codes. Smart solar pride itself in having a high percentage of solar certified personnel on our installation crew. Once completed , we go for the best testing methods.

Know Your Benefits

You will start to see benefits from your commercial solar installation from the moment it is turned on. Benefits include dramatically reduced overhead costs, fixed long-term energy rates, and environmentally responsible business practices.

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Solar energy for commercial applications like schools, hospitals, hotels, shopping malls, cinemas, institutions, industries, banks, government offices, corporate offices and fuel filling stations etc. is a profitable and enviro-friendly choice.

Any commercial institution consumes more energy than as compared to residential customer. There are various lighting fixtures, machines, computers and other energy intensive equipment which requires electricity for day to day operation.

Diesel generators are usually the first choice of commercial institutions to make them secure their energy demand and supply.

Especially in institutions like the hospitals, where a continuous power supply is mandatory for the safe and secure working of healthcare facilities.

Problem with diesel generators is the operating costs involved with them and on top, the pollution caused by them, even though the manufacturers claim to be environment-friendly, but in real, burning fuels aren’t environment-friendly.

SmartSolar® system installation on the roof or garden or car park of these institutions or spaces around where sunlight is available for a good amount of time is the best way to compensate for any electricity shortage.

Designed to Provide 100% Electricity

Not only as a substitute to the grid but 100% electricity can also be supplied to institutions where possible. Depending on the connected load or the electricity required by an institution, its solar system can be designed to provide 100% of electricity.

Design of solar system for an institution is customized which depend on the consumption pattern of that institution. Our designers will take care of the type of solar system required as per your needs.

ROI in 4-5 Years

We guarantee return on investment (ROI) within approx. four-five years of installation, after which system will be free to operate.

80% ITAD from Govt.

For commercial customers, Income Tax Accelerated Depreciation of 80% is also available from the government for five years.

85% Loan from Banks

Also, 85% loan of total investment is available from banks at a special loan rate.

List of Commercial Institutions which can use Solar Energy

Any other commercial institution not listed in these and consumes electricity can also use solar energy.

Green Marketing for Commercial Institutions

Among other advantages like its economically profitable and energy security, another benefit of going solar for commercial institutions is green marketing. Using solar energy will automatically reduce the carbon footprint of the institution, and this can be used as a marketing tool in many ways to spread your commitment to saving the environment.

Being green or going green is the need of the hour and with a badge of being green can make an institution more trustworthy among masses.

Utility Scale Solar

We can and have design experience of approx. 2 Giga Watts* of solar power plants. Our experts being worked on various roles as technical advisors, lenders engineers, project management engineers etc. on various renowned global utility-scale* projects brings to you an unprecedented experience learnt of being the early comers in this sector to secure your investment and its longevity.

*References upon request

Operations & Maintenance

SmartSolar® has a dedicated team to handle post-construction operation and maintenance of the solar plant. It ranges from residential, commercial & industrial and utility-scale customers. Our monitoring platform is power by artificial intelligence and machine learning which helps in predicting and optimising the performance of the solar plant.

PV Panel Recycling

SmartSolar® takes care of the recycling of the PV panels after its lifespan to ensure we leave less impact on our environment.

Corporate Social Responsibility

SmartSolar® donates small PV plants to households which have no access to electricity to empower education and women employment ecosystem. We are working with subject experts on developing specialised training for the physically challenged community members to support their livelihood.

Interested in making our future sustainable?

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Our Available Solar Solutions


SmartSolar® Homes products are Designed to provide reliable power to residences ranging from the most remote off-grid cabins to neighborhood residences.

Commercial & Industrial

SmartSolar® Solutions provide a complete range of solar energy solutions including turnkey solar installation, integrated financing, and solar consulting services.

The SmartSolar® Difference

SmartSolar® is a Trusted EPC Provider from the Gods Own Country. We undertake works starting from 5kWp to MWp Scale. SmartSolar® provide unique Customer products to satisfy their energy needs and budget. Depending upon Customer's budget we design our system with the best quality product available in the market. We provide Off-Grid and On-Grid Products as per customer's requirement.

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